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    Edward Black

    I don’t normally write reviews, Especially on juice as what’s to my taste might not be to everyone elses.
    But I’m going to make an exception to this as I’ve been vaping for over three years now and must have tried just about every juice out there (At least it seems like it)and think I know what I’m talking about…
    Most Internet and/or you tube reviews consist of someone sucking on a mod and saying that “This is the best juice I’ve ever tasted”
    I’m not going to say that, but the Glas Pound Cake juice concentrate from flavour boss is actually better in my opinion than the original, and a hell of a lot cheaper provided you can measure out four ingredients and shake them up a bit in the supplied bottle.
    Premium juices are just the same as any other juice except they are horrendously expensive…You could mix up a litre for the price of some 30ml bottles.
    Just go buy some from Flavour Boss and thank me later…

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