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Choose Your Longfill

How do you use a longfill?

Simply select your favourite longfill flavour, and relevant kit rated to your usual nicotine and preferred e-liquid ratio. Mixing your kit together couldn’t be any easier, add all of the smaller bottles into the 60ml Longfill bottle, shake and enjoy!

Do longfills contain nicotine?

No, we supply the kit so that you can mix everything together.

What’s the difference between a longfill and shortfill?

The main difference is the versatility of both products.

  • A longfill is a 60ml bottle containing 20ml of flavour concentrate supplied on it’s own or as a 3mg, 6mg, 10mg or 12mg freebase or salt base kit.
  • A shortfill is a 60ml bottle containing 50ml of 0mg e-liquid pre-mixed to 70VG:30PG with space for a 10ml nicotine shot.
  • A longfill is perfect for vapers that enjoy vaping anything above 3mg.
  • A shortfill is the ideal choice for vapers that enjoy vaping low strength e-liquid of 3mg and below.

What is supplied in a longfill kit?

  • 60ml Longfill – No additional bottles, you would need to supply your own Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, and Nicotine.
  • 3mg (70/30) Freebase – 1 x Nicotine Shot, 30ml Booster
  • 6mg (50/50) Freebase – 2 x Nicotine Shots, 2 x 10ml Booster
  • 3mg (70/30) Salt – 1 x Nicotine Salt, 30ml Booster
  • 6mg (50/50) Salt – 2 x Nicotine Salt, 2 x 10ml Booster
  • 10mg (50/50) Salt – 3 x Nicotine Salt, 1 x 10ml Booster
  • 12mg (50/50) Salt – 4 x Nicotine Salt

60ml Longfills Calculator

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  • Sugar Lips Longfill (60ml) New
  • Tropicoil Longfill (60ml) New
  • Pineberry Longfill (60ml) New
  • Super Manchee Black Edition Longfill (60ml) New
  • Super Manchee Longfill (60ml) New
  • HZN Longfill (60ml) New
  • Fresca Longfill (60ml) New
  • Death to Hipster Bears Longfill (60ml) New
  • Iced Bloodlust Longfill (60ml) New
  • Blackcurrant Tunes Longfill (60ml) New