In our ceaseless quest for a hot date, we came up with the idea of inviting people to take a survey on their biggest dating turn-offs.

Of course, it was a great opportunity to see if any of them fancied a romantic meal later but, despite turning on the charm with nearly 900 of them, we still somehow ended up on our lonesome that evening.

We consoled ourselves with a vape of Sugar Lips, our current favourite Boss Shot, and a fair substitute for the real thing.

At least we collected some great data.

Bad breath (­30.2%) and smoking (25.4%) are two of the biggest contenders – and both are intimately connected.

Arrogance (25.5%) and poor manners (24.4%) were voted just as likely to end any chance of romantic success. And they strike us as being incredibly similar too.

The next two factors, however, are poles apart. Dwelling on the ex (14.6%) suggests you are not ready to move forward, but being too keen (9.3%) means you try to bulldoze your date over the finish line before they leave the starting blocks. The former pushes all the wrong buttons, and the latter buttonholes you as pushy.

So, here are our 5 top tips for turning the tables on your love life:

Tipping the scales in your dating favour

1. Stop smoking

For smokers, the odds are against you. Less than 20% of the population smoke, and the rest of them aren’t likely to be too keen on your unpleasant habit.

Stub out the cig and pull on a Cherry Tunes vape instead. You’ll be left with the sweet smell of success rather than the odour of an ashtray.

2. It’s not all about me

When we’re nervous we tend to start babbling. And when we start babbling, our thoughts turn to what we know best: ourselves.

This can appear arrogant. Take a deep breath and remember that you’re at your most charming when you listen!

While you’re at it, also bear in mind that the best place your phone can be on a date is firmly in your pocket. The more often you check it, the closer your date will be to calling a cab home. Alone.

3. Mind your Ps and Qs

Bad manners are not just about holding the door or being attentive to your date. It’s also about how you treat others, like the staff in whatever bar or restaurant you end up in.

If you’re rude to staff, the message you give out is that you are just being ‘fake’ polite to your date, and underneath your smiles lurks a nasty piece of work.

4. … And it’s Ys to forget your X

Talking too much about your ex (either negatively or positively) simply suggests you haven’t moved on.

And those who are stuck in the mud never come up smelling of roses.

5. Hold your horses

If your date goes well, of course you’ll want to arrange another. Call or send a text to see if you can, but hold back on declaring your undying love for now.

Likewise, steer clear of topics such as your marriage plans or burning desire for children. It should be obvious, but these kinds of conversations are best left to couples in long-term, committed relationships.

A fresh approach to dating

So, bad breath and cigarettes are the biggest dating turn-offs.

If you smoke there’s one simple thing you can do to have a successful date, rather than a date that sucks: Don’t do it! Do yourself a favour by switching to vaping instead.

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