How to get truly powerful flavour when you vape

Ever vaped something that just didn’t taste that great?

Yeah, us too.

Well, we won’t settle for it. It’s not right. Vaping should be delicious, like a satisfying dessert that you relish each time those strawberry notes or hints of brownie roll across your tongue.

And if you’re not having that kind of experience yet, the reason is simple. But be warned: it hurts. Are you ready?

Here it is:

You’re doing it wrong.

There. We said it. And yes, you might be taken aback, but we’re going to help you. We’re going to explain where you’re going wrong, so you can do it right and reap the rewards.

You can thank us later.


1. Sort out your airflow

Less is more

You want lots of vapour? Ramp up your airflow.

But if you want intense flavour, you’ve got to follow the “less is more” rule.

While big airflow is great for chasing those steam-engine clouds, it dilutes the flavour of your vapour. Instead, you should reduce the airflow into your device.

You can make this easy for yourself by getting an atomiser with an adjustable airflow component. That way, you can gradually reduce the airflow to your device until you find that sweetspot.

Be careful not to choke it too much, though. Too little airflow and things will overheat, meaning you only get a measly portion of vapour. Oh, and the taste will be poor, too.

You’ll also want a ‘small-bore’ atomiser head — that is, one that’s pretty narrow in diameter. Reducing air flow too much with a wide-bore atomiser conjures up some almighty throat hits that could be a nasty surprise if you’re not ready for them.

Position is key

But it’s not just the amount of airflow: you need to think about where the air’s coming in, too. If you want big flavour, you’ll want air holes below your coil.

Why? Because that way the air has a direct path through the wick up to the mouthpiece, so less of those delightful aromas get lost on their way to the mouthpiece.

This setup comes as standards with sub-ohm tanks. You might want to get one anyway, though, because they’ll help you a lot in unlocking next-level flavour.


2. Treat your liquids right

You might be tempted to blame your e-liquid for the poor flavour you’re getting. And yes, some flavours are better than others (especially ours).

But here’s the thing: you have to treat your liquids with respect to get the most from them.

Proper storage = better flavour

Firstly, make sure you’re storing your liquids right. Keep them away from heat and light.

Then, determine which e-liquids should be stored longer than others. Some e-liquids will need steeping to get the most out of them; like a fine wine, they’ll taste better with age.

To steep an e-liquid, keep it in a cool, dark place and give it a gentle shake every now and again. You’ll also need to let it breathe, in which case you should just pop off the lid for a little while every few days or so.

Rethink VG and PG

If you’re still not getting better results, it’s time to rethink PG and VG ratio. Typically, high-VG liquids are most popular because they produce great vapour and less of a throat hit, which is perfect for new vapers.

The problem is that VG doesn’t carry flavour as well as PG.

The solution? Get e-liquids with a higher PG ratio. 50/50 is usually fine for most vapers, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you could try 60 or even 70 percent PG. Go any higher than that and you’ll need to prepare yourself for a harsh throat hit.


3. Get better materials

Everything in your mod contributes to the overall flavour you get.

If one of those components is sub-par, or the team doesn’t play well as a whole, you should look for a good replacement to try.

Wicking materials

Silica wicks used to come as standard for e-cigarettes but they mute flavour, so they eventually died off.

These days, Cotton Bacon is all the rage, and for good reason: it gives a really clean flavour from your juice and wicks like a dream.

Japanese organic cotton is widely available, so you can easily get a hold of some.


If you want the very best flavours, you’ll need to go for a sub-ohm coil. These coils have a resistance of less than 1 ohm (hence the name), which means they get hotter than standard coils — and when they get hotter, you get more vapour.

By restricting your airflow (see step 1), you can control the intensity of the flavour, which your sub-ohm coil can help generate in heaps. Be careful not to drive too much power to it, though; otherwise, you risk burning the wick, which will leave a bitter taste.

If you’re making your own coil, use Kanthal wire: it does a great job and it’s widely available, too.


4. Play with power

You get out what you put in.

With mods, that usually comes down to power input.

Adjust your wattage

You can control how hot your coil gets by changing the amount of power running through it.

Some mods will have adjustable wattage or voltage, which means you can experiment with the amount of power that’s best.

Why would this help flavour? Because different liquids evaporate at different temperatures. You should experiment with wattage with each flavour you try: the wattage which might get your bakewell tasting delicious might burn your menthol juice, or vice versa.

Adjust your temperature

Some devices give you even more control by letting you set the temperature that the coil heats to.

The advantage? It’s far easier to get to that sweet spot for your favourite flavour even if you change coils.


5. Look after your gear

‘Maintenance’ doesn’t need to be a dirty word.

In fact, good upkeep of your gear can be the different between mediocre taste and sensational flavour.

Clean your wicks and atomisers

Wicks soak up flavour. That’s great until you want to try something new, at which point you might get an odd cocktail of sorts rather than the flavour you’re expecting.

Clean your wick when the flavour starts to get dull. You don’t need to do a deep clean after every flavour change: every two or three should do the trick.

You should also give your atomiser heads a good rinse, too — it expands their lifespan as well as improving overall flavour.

Freshen up your coils

Coils don’t last forever, and when they start to wear out, they’re pretty shoddy at getting good vapour off the ground.

Popping in a new coil when your old one has stopped performing at it’s best can kickstart your vape flavour back to life again.

Charge your battery

This one’s obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to properly charge their batteries and then wonder why their flavour’s suffering.

Get into a rhythm of charging your batteries regularly so you’re not caught out.

And if all else fails…

If you’ve tried all of the above and you’re still not getting the flavour you want, there’s a neat trick you can try.

Try out a different flavour.

Why? You could be suffering from what’s known as “vaper’s tongue”. It can happen when you use the same flavour for too long; your taste buds become insensitive to it.

Switching flavours is an easy way to undo this problem, so bagging yourself a nice new e-liquid can help you rediscover your love of vaping. Staying plenty hydrated can help, too, which we’d recommend even if you don’t have vaper’s tongue.

Still struggling to cleanse your palate? Try smelling coffee beans or, failing them, eating some citrus fruit.

Flavour to savour

There you have it: our tips to help you up your flavour game.

Want to go to the next level? Try creating your own e-liquid with our DIY guide. Don’t say we don’t give you anything!

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