Welcome to Vape City

So, you’re all tooled up with some of the sweetest e-liquids and you’re ready to lock and load your Boss Shots. In fact, your trigger finger is itching on your vaporiser’s button and you’re taking no prisoners.

Woah, cowboy: hold your horses.

The vaping posse is big, and getting bigger. Nearly 3 million strong when we last had a cattle count.

But this town’s big enough for both vapers and non-vapers.

And we’re about to lay down some laws to show you how to live together in peace, rather than enter every social situation all vapes blazing.

This is our guide to vaping etiquette.

1. Can I vape here?

If you don’t know, ask first.

Most public places, like bars or theatres, will have clear policies, but if you aren’t sure, it never hurts to find out. And always check when you check-in if vaping is allowed in a hotel.

Friends’ houses are not public spaces, but they are not your personal stomping ground either. Watch your vaping manners when in someone else’s manor.

Even outdoors, and in places you can vape, be mindful of others around you.

2. Where can’t I vape?

The law, at the moment, is pretty lenient. For now.

But we’re all born with common sense. Any confined space is a no-no, and it doesn’t matter how many floors your lift is travelling! Nor how far you are flying, how long you’ve been stuck in the airport, or how delayed your train or bus was.

Which brings us to queues. Everyone around you is stuck there: they can’t get away, and you shouldn’t puff away.

Similarly, restaurants are out of bounds. Most will have a clear no-vaping policy as food is being served, but your innate sense of fair play should let you know this is wrong.

3. Vape gets in your eyes

We’ve all seen those black and white films where the sultry Lauren Bacall purses her lips and blows smoke that erotically lingers around Humphrey Bogart’s smitten face.

That’s Hollywood for you.

In real life, no one appreciates having plumes of the sweetest smelling vapour curling around them, so don’t blow yours towards them.

4. Never work with children and animals

Most of us would not smoke around children.

The risk of passive vaping is considerably less than smoking, and the NHS website itself states this. Yet, all the same, we’d advise avoiding vaping around children. Mods can become a fire hazard and juice containing nicotine can be lethal, so you need to ensure they are kept out of reach if you have children or animals.

For a few vapours more

Now that we’ve got some rules pinned up to the telegraph pole, it’s time to let loose a little and party.

Kick off your stirrups, pull out your mods, and let’s enjoy vaping forever more. There’s plenty of mighty fine concoctions over at Flavour Boss saloon, and it’s open day and night.


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