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Batteries & Chargers
With great power comes great vaping capability. That’s why we supply some of the best e-cig batteries and chargers available in the UK. A quality battery makes all the difference between a reliable e-cig and one that fails when you need it most. 

We supply trustworthy, long-life batteries from Samsung, Sony and LG with a nominal capacity of up to 3000 mAh and a variety of volt outputs to keep you and your e-cig going all day long. However, a good battery is nothing without a good e-cig charger. We select chargers that can handle multiple batteries at once, with a simple user interface, universal compatibility, and a long lifespan. We know that when your e-cig is charged properly, you get that sense of ease that keeps you relaxed and makes each vape that much sweeter. Buy reliability with e-cig chargers and batteries from Flavour Boss.