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Regulated Devices
Regulated e-cig mods offer the safest vaping experience, without detracting from flavour or customisability. We’re excited to present some of our favourite regulated vape kits from today’s biggest names, each with their own unique characteristics and designs. For those new to vaping, we have plenty of “plug and play” pen-style mods for you to get stuck into. 

These kits are sleek, simple and oh-so-easy to use, giving you that quick hit you need while still packing plenty of flavour. If you’re a little more seasoned, take a look at our impressive range of adjustable power mods These box mods and squonkers cater to those who know exactly what they like, allowing a level of customisation unparalleled by other regulated devices. They can be temperature-controlled too, making them perfect for experimenting with RBAs. Get the hardware you deserve with e-cig mods and vape kits from Flavour Boss.