For the serious e-liquid creators out there, make your vape flavours from scratch with our e-liquid concentrates.
If you’re the type to spend hours in the lab mixing up crazy concoctions, then this is the place for you. Pull on your hazmat suit and let’s cook e-juice!

With a range of mouth-watering tastes on offer, there are limitless flavour concentrate combinations when it comes to making your own batch of vaping goodness.
Like your vape cool and refreshing? Try mixing in some Koolada for an icy edge. Want each hit tangy to the taste? Inject some zest with Inawera Lemon. Whatever creation you’ve got in mind, grab the vape concentrates you need and share your favourite recipes with us when you’re finished!
While our Boss Shots are pre-mixed e-liquid flavour concentrates, who’s to say they can’t be part of your great vape experiment? Add base concentrates to any Boss Shot for an all-new twist on our best-selling flavours.