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Your Guide to Rocket Shots

Earlier this year we introduced a game changing product to our growing list of offerings – Rocket Shots. Primarily aimed at the MTL market, this product aims to introduce MTL vapers to the DIY market. Since launching we have seen a massive uptake, but we have also found that some customers are struggling with the concept – this blog post outlines exactly what a Rocket Shot is, how it is different to a Boss Shot and why you should consider adding one or two to your basket next time you... Read More


4 Simple Steps to Priming a Coil

If you are relatively new to vaping, you may not know the importance of priming a coil after you insert a new one. Ensuring that your coil is adequately primed avoids dry hits and burning out your brand-new coil – not ideal. It is a simple and easy process, so once you have done it once you’ll know exactly what you are doing. When should I change my coil? Before we start, let’s have a look at when you should change your coil. Once you have been vaping for a... Read More


Budget Vaping: 4 Simple Steps to Saving over £830 a year on Vaping

Is one of you new years resolutions to save more money? Looking for ways you can save a few £££ when it comes to vaping? Our latest blog gives you 4 simple tips to budget vaping. And, if you follow all four, you could save a whopping £837.45 a year without much effort on your part. 1. DIY E-Liquid If you are not already mixing your own liquid this is a real cash saver! Lets say for example you are using 50ml Shortfills, on average you’ll probably go through 5... Read More


Our Top 10 Bestselling Flavours of 2020! Number #5 Surprised Us!

A glimpse into Our Top 10 Bestselling Flavours of 2020. We have had a whirlwind year and released a whole host of different products and flavours to the market. From our long-anticipated nicotine salts to our game changing Rocket Shots. Here at Flavour Boss HQ, we firmly believe that the beauty of e-liquid is the vast range of flavours available on the market. From menthol, tobaccos, desserts, and fruits to simple and complex flavour profiles – you are well and truly spoilt for choice. Each year we go through our... Read More


An Update on Current Vaping Regulations

As a vaping company we are often on the business end of an ever-changing landscape of regulations and laws. Sometimes they are welcomed – we are all for making vaping safer for everyone. Sometimes they are pointless – the laws and regulations are often made by people who have not even a basic understanding of the industry, but they always cost us money. Lots of money. Emissions testing, registering products with the MHRA, registering products with the centres for poison control, administration fees…. It all adds up and those costs... Read More


5 of the most expensive vape devices on the market

If you have ever looked at a mod and thought ‘wow, that’s a bit pricey’ then think again. We’ve found 5 of the most expensive vape devices in the world. Some are pretty impressive, but number one has got to be the worst e-cig we’ve seen – you wouldn’t catch us spending that much on a vape pen that’s for sure (not like we could afford it!) 5. Gepetto Elite V2 Vape Mod – £1,999.99 At number 5 we have the Gepetto Elite V2 vape mod, while we think $2,500... Read More


Recycling and Disposing of Vape Equipment

We recently wrote a blog post on whether vaping was eco-friendly, it highlights the environmental impact vaping has on the environment vs smoking as well as some handy hints and tips for eco-conscious vaping. You can give it a read here. This blog post does not focus on the environmental impact of vaping but gives some handy information and tips on how to recycle and dispose of your vape equipment – from hardware and batteries to liquid and bottles, we cover it all. Recycling your Mod or Vape Pen Firstly,... Read More


Not quite in the Halloween spirit? We know just the cure – we’ve compiled a list of our spookiest Halloween flavours.

What’s up witches? It’s the spookiest time of the year and there is a mysterious fog rolling over the office, we can’t quite make out if it’s the clouds from our juices or if there is something more sinister going on this Halloween. We’ve seen a few vampires lurking about, we are currently in negotiations with our mixologist to cook up a garlic flavoured e-liquid, we’re not sure what’s scarier, the thought of vampires invading the office or his face when we asked him to do some work! Not quite... Read More