5 Top Tips for the most common vape problems

5 Top Tips for the most common vape problems

We get asked thousands of questions at Flavour boss HQ, so we thought we would share five of the most common vape problems and how to fix them. 

You’ll be relieved to know that most common vape problems can be solved really easily – check this list next time you have a hardware problem!

Common Vape Problems 01: I’m not getting any draw from my device – what could the problem be?

1. Check your liquid

It seems obvious, but make sure that you have enough liquid in your tank. You’d be surprised, but this is a common vape problem, especially in pod devices.

2. Check the battery

The battery is the cause of many common vape problems. Make sure that your battery is switched on and has a sufficient amount of charge.

3. Check your connections

Make sure that there is a clean connection between your coil and your battery

Still having trouble?

If you’ve checked your liquid level, battery and connection it may be your coil that is the problem. Sometimes coils can be faulty, the cotton can be too tightly wound and it could be impacting airflow, change the coil for a new one and try again.

Common Vape Problems 02: I’m getting hot liquid spitting back at me/ gurgling sounds when i try to vape

We’ve all been there, it wouldn’t be on our list of common vape problems if we hadn’t. It can be frustrating, luckily there are a few simple hacks to get your device back to normal.

  1. Make sure your tank isn’t overfilled

this is a common vape problem that is easily fixed. If your tank is overfilled you could be drowning the coil, if this is the case just empty some out and it should go back to normal pretty quickly.

Common Vape Problems 03: I’m getting liquid leaking through the air flow, how do I stop it?

1. Your coil may need replacing

This common vape problem is an easy fix – check to see if your coil needs replacing, this could be the culprit.

2. Are you using your device correctly?

There are two ways to vape, Mouth to Lung (MTL) and Direct to Lung (DL) if your device is built for MTL vaping but you’re DL vaping, it may be causing your device to overheat.

3. Are you using the correct liquid ratio?

Another common vape problem is incorrect liquid ratios. Depending on your coil type you may need to change up your e-liquid.

If you have a low resistance coil it has larger airflow holes, these are designed to be used with liquids with a higher VG ratio, usually 70/30.

If your liquid has too much PG in then it can result in the liquid leaking through the airflow.

Common Vape Problems 04: I have liquid leaking from the tank, how can I stop it?

1. Check your tank

First things first, make sure that you don’t have a crack in your tank, this can be a common vape problem and may well be your issue.

2. Don’t overfill your tank

Make sure that you haven’t overfilled your tank, this will cause the liquid to pool within the central tube which causes it to leak. 

3. Lefty loosey, righty tighty

Make sure that you haven’t overtightened your components, this could cause leaking.

4. Check and change your o-rings

Still leaking?

Make sure that your device is always standing upright, if it’s left on its side for too long it may start to leak – it could be something as simple as this.

Common Vape Problems 05: I’m getting a dry hit/ burnt taste when I vape, what’s the problem?

1. Does your tank have juice in it?

It might sound like an obvious question, but trust us, it’s easily done and might just be the answer to your common vape problem! 

2. Are you running your tank at the correct wattage for the coil you have installed? 

Replacement coils have a recommended wattage range on the side of them, if you run your tank above this wattage then you may experience a dry hit as the coil can not keep up with the amount of juice required to keep your wicking material wet.

3. Adjust your airflow

Airflow is a common vape problem and reason for a dry hit, make sure that you have adjusted your airflow correctly.

4. Make sure you are using the correct juice

Incorrect juice is another common vape problem, a juice that is too thick for your device may not wick correctly and will cause a dry hit. It’s important that you check the ratio of any device before putting liquid into the tank.

For more information on ratio’s take a look at our Boss Shot Calculator here.

There you have it, 5 of the most common vape problems answered, hopefully this helps you solve your issue.

Tried everything and still struggling? or think we have missed a common vape problem off the list? Drop us a message and we would be happy to help.