A guide to travelling with your vape gear

Travelling with vape gear? First of all, I need to point out that rules change and they’re not always very clear so it is always advisable to contact the airline you’re flying with to be sure of what you can and can’t take with you when you plan on travelling with vape gear.

Vape Mods

When travelling with vape gear mods and batteries should be carried in your hand luggage. They’re not allowed in your hold luggage. They should be kept, disconnected from your atomiser. You are not allowed to charge your vape device on board an aircraft, pretty sure you’d piss some people off if you tried.


E-liquid is fine in your hand luggage – just treat it as you would any other liquid and put it in a clear plastic bag when going through airport security. 100ml is the maximum size of bottle you can take in your hand luggage, although you are allowed multiples of these (I think 10x100ml bottles is the limit). Larger bottles can go in your hold luggage.

Make sure you take enough with you for your trip, because, depending on where you are going, there’s some pretty ropey E-liquid out there.


Separate them from your mod before going through security. If the tank contains any e-liquid, remember to declare it in the same clear plastic bag as your other liquids.

Ecig tanks and cabin pressure don’t play well together. Before getting on the plane, empty any remaining vape juice out of the tank. If you don’t do this, the cabin pressure is going to cause your tank to piss e-liquid all over your magazines and boiled sweets or whatever else you keep in your hand luggage.


When travelling with vape gear it’s not advisable to take coil building kit with you. That shit looks like a bomb, even to me, and I know what it is. Airport security will be all over it like a tramp on a bag of chips. If you don’t enjoy rectal exams, you’d be well advised to leave your wire, jigs and pliers at home.

Vaping in the airport

A good rule of thumb is if its legal in the country you’re in and they have a smoking area in the airport then you’re probably allowed to vape in it.

Here’s a list of UK airports that have smoking areas:

East Midlands
Leeds Bradford
Manchester Terminal 1
Manchester Terminal 2
Newcastle Airport

What countries is vaping banned in?

When planning on travelling with vape gear, check on the legalities of vaping in whichever destination you are going to. The last thing you need is to touch down in Hong Kong, ready for your holiday and be spanked hard for pulling out your e-cig.

Here’s a list of some countries where, if you are travelling with vape gear, you should probably look up the exact laws on vaping. Some countries impose hefty fines or even jail time for vaping, the mad buggers – so it isn’t wise travelling with vape gear.

Singapore. Hong Kong. Taiwan. India. Venezuela. Uruguay. Philippines. Thailand. Egypt. Argentina. Brazil. Cambodia. Brunei. Cuba. Indonesia. Seychelles. Dominican Republic. Jordan. Lebanon. Qatar. Mexico. Vietnam. Panama. Tunisia. Turkey. UAE. Uganda.

Have you travelled with vape gear? If you have any tips on travelling with vape gear, leave them in the comments.

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