Graeme Kerr


An Update on Current Vaping Regulations

As a vaping company we are often on the business end of an ever-changing landscape of regulations and laws. Sometimes they are welcomed – we are all for making vaping safer for everyone. Sometimes they are pointless – the laws and regulations are often made by people who have not even a basic understanding of the industry, but they always cost us money. Lots of money. Emissions testing, registering products with the MHRA, registering products with the centres for poison control, administration fees…. It all adds up and those costs... Read More


Vape Trends: The rise of MTL vaping

In the beginning there was only MTL vaping. This makes sense as it was invented to emulate smoking and nobody direct lungs a cigarette. You’d be staring down the business end of a sore throat with the potential for some serious projectile vomit if you tried to DTL a cigarette. In the early days of my vaping journey MTL vaping was the only option. The highest amount of power available from a regulated device was 15 watts from the vamo (old skool). As more power became available, more airflow was... Read More


Common Vaping Problems

The folks at Flavour Boss HQ are regularly problem solving for people over the phone so I thought it would be a good idea to highlight some common vaping problems and fixes down here. Vaping has so many different variables, it’s unreal. Different flavours, consistencies of juice, DTL Hardware, MTL Hardware, stock coils, rebuildables, pods… There’s a lot of choice. With that comes a lot of potential issues because things are not always designed to work with each other. E-cig isn’t Working Is your device not firing? Are the lights... Read More


Graeme’s Guide to Vaping Trends of Old and New.

In this blog we’ll take a little look at vaping trends of old and new. Vapers are a fickle bunch. Moving from vaping trend to vaping trend at the drop of a hat. We seem to be particularly susceptible to trends. Probably due to many of us sharing the shinyitus affliction – see more on that here. Some may say vaping is just a fad in itself although I think the numbers would probably dispute that. It’s been going a good 12-14 years now with many millions of people across... Read More


Vapers Tongue: What is it and how do get rid of it?

Vapers Tongue is the term used for a sudden loss of flavour from your e-liquids. It occurs when your taste buds become fatigued from over exposure to (usually) one e-liquid flavour, causing a temporary loss of flavour sensation. It can be a nightmare, especially if you’ve never come across this problem before. You could be forgiven for thinking your taste buds have gone blind. MY EYES!!! Wait… MY TONGUES EYES!!!! But don’t worry, there are ways to get your taste buds back and to stop vapers tongue from ever rearing... Read More


How to Make an e-liquid recipe: Part 2

So, we’ve ran through the basics of how to make en e-liquid recipe. At this point you should have a handle on the practical side of things. Now let’s look a little more in-depth at the theory side of making an e-liquid recipe. Start with a simple e-liquid recipe I see these recipes floating about with 16 different ingredients and I think to myself – “how in the fuck did you arrive at that?”. I seriously doubt they have added each one separately after testing/mixing/steeping and there is no chance... Read More

One Shots

What are One Shots? A one shot is essentially an e-liquid recipe in a bottle. The term one shot is used to differentiate them from single flavours and basically means that no other flavour ingredients are needed to make e-liquid from it. Somebody else has done all the hard work for you, you lucky devils! [row] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″] [ux_products type=”slider-full” slider_nav_style=”simple” ids=”149795″] [/col] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″] [ux_products type=”slider-full” slider_nav_style=”simple” ids=”149817″] [/col] [col span=”4″ span__sm=”12″] [ux_products type=”slider-full” slider_nav_style=”simple” ids=”149821″] [/col] [/row] How do you use them? Before you start mixing,... Read More


Graeme’s Guide to Bantam and Billet boxes

Everything you need to know about Bantam and billet boxes, the pro’s, the con’s and lots of personal opinion. The Bantam Box I thought I had got clean from Shinyitus. I thought it was over (it’s never over) … and then I saw the SXK Bantam Box. I’ve always had a fascination with small stealthy setups. I must have had 5 or 6 different pod style devices, but the flavour they were able to produce was just unbearable. I don’t need to spend £50 on a device to taste fresh... Read More


Misinformation in Vaping: The Chemicals in E-liquid

Don’t believe everything you read online or in the media. In this post you will learn the chemicals in e-liquid and why not all of them are as bad as you’re led to believe. Misinformation in vaping is a common thing, especially when it comes to the Chemicals in E-liquid. Usually its negative misinformation like “vaping will give you popcorn lung” (more on that bollocks here) or “people are dying from vaping”, when it turns out people are actually dying from vaping Pods filled with goodness knows what they bought... Read More