Budget Vaping: 4 Simple Steps to Saving over £830 a year on Vaping

Is one of you new years resolutions to save more money? Looking for ways you can save a few £££ when it comes to vaping? Our latest blog gives you 4 simple tips to budget vaping. And, if you follow all four, you could save a whopping £837.45 a year without much effort on your part.

1. DIY E-Liquid

If you are not already mixing your own liquid this is a real cash saver! Lets say for example you are using 50ml Shortfills, on average you’ll probably go through 5 of these a month so £11.99 = £59.95 multiply this by 12 for the year and they will set you back £719.40.

Switch to a 250ml Boss shot each month

Boss Shot – £9.49 x 12 £113.88

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) – one 5L bottle will last you the whole year – £9.49

So, £113.88 + £9.49 = £123.37

This is a saving of £596.03!

*Don’t forget, you’ll need to add your nicotine to both shortfills and Boss Shots, we’ve covered this further on in the blog post.

2. Build your own Coils

Building your own coils can sound daunting, but once you’ve got the hang of it you won’t look back. There are two options you can take, building your own coils from scratch (the most cost effective) or purchasing prebuilt coils and adding the cotton yourself.

Say you use a VooPoo PnP replacement coil, a pack of 5 is £12.99 (this is roughly the same for most stock coils). On average a stock coil will last 2 weeks, so throughout the year you will need to purchase around 6 packs – 6 x £12.99 = £77.94

Building your own coils

In order to build your own coils, you will need cotton x 2 for the whole year we’ve used Cotton Gods Vape Cotton as an example, 2 packs will set you back £7.98. You’ll also need wire; 1 reel will cost you £5.99 and this will last you the whole year. We’ve used the Vandy Vape Clapton Wire Ni80 26 35 as an example. S0 £7.98 + £5.99 = £10.97 this saves you a decent £66.97 compared to stock coils!

Prebuilt coils

Prebuilt coils usually come in packs of 10, so you’ll need 3 packs throughout the year. The example we are using is the Prebuilt Coilology Coils at £7.99 x 3 = £23.97. You’ll also need 2 packs of cotton which will cost you a total of £7.98 so a total of £31.95 for the whole year, saving you £45.99 compared to purchasing stock coils.

Possible saving £66.97

3. Ditch the Nicotine

If you’ve switched to DIY e-liquid, another way you can reduce your monthly vape bill is to ditch the nicotine (or at least reduce it), it’s a small cost saving, but every little helps.

How much could you save?

Say you vape a 500ml Boss Shot each month at 6mg, this means each month you need to purchase 16 nicotine shots – 16 x 0.79 = £12.64 if you times this by 12 that’s £151.68 – cutting down to 0mg will save you £151.68 a year, cutting down to 3mg will save you £75.84 per year.

Possible saving: £151.68

4. Take Advantage of Deals

To take advantage of our regular deals and discounts, sign up to our newsletter to receive emails or follow us on Facebook. Joining our Facebook Group will also give you an exclusive 12% discount – so it’s worth checking it out.

Say you purchased 1 x 250ml Boss Shot each month at £9.49 that’s £113.88 for the year, with our exclusive 12% discount code you could save £13.66– again a small saving, but it all adds up.

We also have a flavour of the week discount code which gives you 20% off a different flavour each week. If you choose to purchase our Flavour of the week each week for 12 months, you could save £22.77!

Possible saving £22.77+

Take all the above tips on board and you could save a staggering £837.45 a year without much effort at all! If you need help, or would like some more information on Boss Shots, drop us an email and a member of the team will be happy to help: sales@flavour-boss.co.uk

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