Choosing the right e-liquid flavours for you

This one can be a toughie. With some e-liquid flavours I read the description and think hell yeah! And then I’m ultimately disappointed when I vape it. Then on the flip side, with some e-liquid flavours i often think eww, no and then am pleasantly surprised when I vape it. The point is to stay open minded when it comes to e-liquid flavours. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen people say I don’t like [insert e-liquid flavours here] but I tried [insert product here] and now I love [insert e-liquid flavours here].

A good example would be ws-23 (cooling agent). I must have seen possibly 1000 people or more say they couldn’t stand ws-23 but they tried a specific e-liquid flavour that contains it and now they can’t vape anything without it in. This is just how the shit winds blow. Most people’s likes and dislikes are in a permanent state of change where vaping is concerned, which is pretty weird when you consider that with food and drink people get to adulthood and don’t really change their likes and dislikes at all.

Another example would be Flavour Bosses RY4 Boss – It contains tobacco flavourings. A lot of people are gonna read that description and think nah, tobacco e-liquid flavour isn’t for me. But what they don’t realise is the tobacco flavouring is not a traditional cigarette flavour and it is not the main thing you taste from the overall profile. Rather, it’s used to balance the sweetness of the other ingredients. This is a mixing technique I learnt early on and is handy for adding a savoury dimension to certain styles of e-liquid flavours. Generally speaking, I don’t enjoy tobacco flavours either. Nobody smoked cigarettes for the taste. In the early days of vaping there were a lot of premium juices that had a tobacco with a twist style of profile. Some were brilliant and are still around today. A good example would be Powwow sauce by Manabush

One that always sticks in my mind, but I believe is not available anymore is Grizzly Vapes – Nanner Bear. It was a mix of banana, nut, tobacco and then a bunch of other stuff lurking around the background – tea? Chocolate? I don’t know. These e-liquid flavours sound gross right? and probably would be now but back in the day it was great. These flavours taught me of the potential for tobacco flavourings and their uses. Something I wouldn’t have believed had I not had first hand experience.

This is why we sell 10ml e-liquid samples – It’s an affordable way to try lots of different flavours from our range. So you don’t have to worry about ending up with 250ml+ of e-liquid that you don’t like. We have 60+ flavours and the range is always growing. We try hard to make sure there is something for everyone’s tastes.

If I had to describe my own personal vaping tastes I’d have to say I like fruity, sweet and cold recipes but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy a good custard or milkshake recipe too. I try and be as subjective as possible when trialling recipes and e-liquid flavours. I will often use ingredients I don’t personally enjoy just to keep everything from tasting the same.

There are only two things I hate in vaping:

  • People who discriminate against specific e-liquid flavours,
  • and Inawera Cactus.

Of course, I joke…. There’s lots of things I hate in vaping. The bearded, mech wielding hipsters. The complete lack of business ethics or conscience some companies have. People who say “hits like a train”. The list goes on.

Inawera Cactus can fuck off though.

Updated 08/01/2020

We’ve recently released a recipe that this blog really applies to. On paper it is absolutely not my cup of tea – Tobacco, vanilla, caramel and bakery notes. In fact, nobody at Flavour Boss liked the idea of this e-liquid flavour.  However, most of the staff members have been vaping it almost exclusively since its release. I personally cannot get enough of it and there’s no ws-23 insight! Sacré bleu!

Aptly named Desire after our staff members unbridled desire to vape it. You can find it here:

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