Your guide to Coil Longevity

Juices seem to be getting sweeter. With every year that goes by, the level of sweetness that is deemed acceptable in e-liquids seems to increase. We are sweetener junkies. How sweet a juice is has a direct effect on your coil longevity.

Because of this, coil longevity is a hot topic it seems. I’m constantly asked what juices from our selection are good on coils. Let me just prefix this little blog by saying I don’t care about coil longevity. I use a rebuildable tank most of the time and regardless of how sweet a juice is I rewick the RTA every Monday. As lazy as I am (half man, half sloth), I’m perfectly happy with that level of commitment.

Now, I should point out that there is sweetener in most of the single flavour concentrates that every company builds their recipes from. So, if you ever see a company selling e-liquids that say they don’t contain sweeteners, there’s a 99% chance they do actually contain sweeteners, but they just don’t realise. What they mean to say is they don’t add extra sweeteners.

Why do Sweeteners reduce Coil Longevity?

Essentially when the e-liquid is vaporised the sweetener cooks on the coil and leaves behind caramelisation that builds up causing the coil to no longer work efficiently. The surface area of the coil is not in contact with the e-liquid any longer because it has been blocked by the deposits left behind from the sweetener.

It’s worth pointing out that sweeteners aren’t the only thing that kills coils. Malic acid is another good example. Anybody who has vaped a lot of sour type juices will notice that they often leave a weird looking white deposit behind that kinda looks like salt.

How can I get more Coil Longevity?

There’s a number of things we can do to increase coil life. Here’s a few suggestions on how you can increase coil longevity:

  • Use e-liquids with lower amounts of sweeteners in. See below.
  • Use a tank which is known for good coil life. Some tanks/coils are better than others.
  • More airflow. Higher amounts of airflow passing over the coil will stop the sweetener caramelising on the coil as fast.
  • Prime your coil properly. Put some e-liquid on the cotton before you put it in your tank. Fill the tank up with e-liquid. Close the air holes off and take some pulls on it without pressing the fire button. This draws liquid through to the coil, making sure it’s properly saturated before you start using it.

Here’s a list of our flavours that don’t contain a lot of added sweeteners:

Red Erik

Blackcurrant Tunes

Sherbet Lemons

Dark Matter

Unicorn Milk

Tropical Typhoon

Stripple Reborn

Mr Crocs left-handed penguin juice

Grants Custard

Blue Slush

Death to hipster bears!


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