Common Vaping Problems

The folks at Flavour Boss HQ are regularly problem solving for people over the phone so I thought it would be a good idea to highlight some common vaping problems and fixes down here.

Vaping has so many different variables, it’s unreal. Different flavours, consistencies of juice, DTL Hardware, MTL Hardware, stock coils, rebuildables, pods… There’s a lot of choice. With that comes a lot of potential issues because things are not always designed to work with each other.

E-cig isn’t Working

Is your device not firing? Are the lights on it blinking at you? Fear not. There are really only 3 possibilities.

  1. The battery is not charged or no longer holds charge.
  2. The coil or tank is not screwed down properly and so is not making a connection.
  3. It’s broken. Sadly, this happens from time to time. Make your peace with its passing (a candlelit vigil perhaps?) and find yourself some new kit that is more reliable.

Using the Right Nicotine Strengths

The device you use and what sort of hit you are used to really dictates the level of nicotine you should be using. Generally, 10-20mg nic salts are suited to lower wattage devices like pod systems or MTL kits and 3-6mg nicotine is more suited to sub-ohm tanks and rebuildable devices.

If your nicotine strength is too high for the power of your device there is every possibility that you will start to feel the early warning signs of nicotine poisoning.

If you begin to suffer from dizziness and headaches frequently, that could be your body’s way of telling you you’re consuming too much nicotine. Of course, these symptoms could absolutely have nothing to do with vaping so we would always advise you to seek medical advice. Damn it Jim, I’m a recipe creator, not a doctor!

Likewise, if you use too low a dosage of nicotine, you’ll be back on the cigarettes before you know it. More on that here.

No Flavour

There’s a number of different possibilities here:

  1. Vapours Tongue. Vapours Tongue occurs when your taste buds become fatigued from over exposure to the same flavours. You can read more on that here.
  2. Mixed incorrectly. Did you follow the instructions on the bottle? Too much of any one ingredient can have a massive effect on the end results.
  3. Have you kept the lid on your bottle of e-liquid? Oxygen introduced to e-liquid over long periods of time can cause flavour to evaporate.
  4. Coils. Are your coils fresh? Often putting a new flavour on an old coil can have adverse effects on flavours but it really depends how old the coil is and what flavours you’re using.

Burning Coils

If you are going through coils like there’s no tomorrow, then there are a couple of possibilities:

  1. Highly sweetened juice. Sweetener caramelises on coils causing them to burn out. Less sweet juices will help with the longevity of your coils.
  2. Prime your coils properly. Leave the juice to soak into the coils properly before you begin to use your device.

You can read more on this here.

PG/VG Ratio

Too much PG and your juice will be too thin and potentially harsher. If your juice is too thin it will cause some tanks to leak. Generally speaking, 50% VG/50% PG juice is suitable for Pod or Mouth to lung devices. 70% VG 30% PG is better suited for sub-ohm tanks or RDAs/RTAs.

Harsh E-liquid

Usually this boils down to 3 possible reasons:

  1. Mixed incorrectly. Too much nicotine or PG. The more nicotine or PG you add, the harsher it will seem on your throat. If the concentration of flavouring is too high this can also result in perceived harshness.
  2. Not steeped. Some mixes can seem quite harsh when first mixed but settle as the flavours steep properly.
  3. The flavours are not for you. Sometimes certain flavourings (I’m looking at you citrus) can aggravate peoples throats. This is purely luck of the draw. Some people are just sensitive to certain flavourings. 

E-cig Leaking

If your e-cigarette tank is leaking and it isn’t related to the viscosity of the e-liquid (as above), then the chances are one of the rubber seals on your tank is either missing or not seated properly. These seals keep your tank airtight which stops e-liquid from leaking out the tank.

An alternative possibility is, if you’re using a rebuildable tank, that it may not be wicked correctly. If you use too little cotton when wicking an RTA, this will also cause it to leak.

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