Cooling Agents

In this article we discuss the various types of cooling agents used by the industry to make e-juice and give you our take on the best ones and why we use them in our one shots.

A bone of contention among some of our customers. Here we will discuss the various cooling agents available and the way different cooling agents affect recipes.

Ws-23 and Ws-5 have become incredibly popular cooling agents over the last 2 years, presumably due to the rise in popularity of Malaysian juices which favour these additives.

WS stands for Wilkinson Sword, as the various compounds were invented by Wilkinson Sword in the early 70s. They actually created some 1200 different cooling compounds and commercialised only 8 of them but we currently only use 3 main ones in the vaping industry. WS-3, WS-5 and WS-23.

They are manufactured into powder/crystal form and then diluted into PG. Then further diluted when mixed with e-liquid.

Flavour Boss Recipes that contain cooling agents:

Cola Slush

Blood Lust


Super Manchee

Super Manchee Black Edition

Mega Mango Man

Pineapple Sploosh

Purple Slush

Dictators Lemonade

Nuclear Orangeade


Red Erik (menthol)

Dark Matter (menthol)

Blackcurrant Tunes (menthol)

WS-23 Cooling Agents

Most commonly diluted to 30%

Use between 1-5%

Ws-23 gives a cooling sensation without the menthol taste and is at its strongest when the e-liquid is first mixed. After a day it calms down somewhat and after 2-3 weeks it settles down significantly. My personal favourite of the cooling agents. You can find it in a number of Flavour Boss recipes at differing levels. As well as cooling a recipe I find it adds a quality to a recipe that is difficult to put my finger on. It effects the texture of the vape in the same way a cold glass of beer tastes different to a warm one. A little goes a long way with this stuff. If you’re not used to it its advised to start with 1-1.5% as too much cooling agent can lead to brain freeze, similar to when you eat ice cream too quickly.

So cold It’ll put nipples on your nipples!

WS-3 Cooling Agent

Most commonly diluted to 10%

Use between 1-3%

Otherwise known as TFA Koolada. Much less cold than ws-5 or ws-23 with a propensity for being harsh at higher dosages. This was the original koolada that was used before ws-23 became popular. There is a very slight menthol taste to this cooling agent. One thing it has going for it over the other variations is that the strength tends to stay the same over a steep.

WS-5 Cooling Agents

Most commonly diluted to 10%

Use between 0.5-4%

Probably the strongest of the WS variations. Slightly different sensation to ws-23. Can become bitter when used at higher percentages. I like to use this in conjunction with ws-23 at a ratio of half as much WS-5 to WS-23.

Super Cold Cooling Agents

Use between 1-6%

A blend of WS-23 and WS-5 manufactured by Boss Shot LTD. Used in our Pineapple Sploosh recipe. Offers a nice light chill when used at lower percentages without effecting flavour.

Menthol Cooling Agents

Most commonly diluted to 10%

Use between 1-10% A cold, minty cooling agent. Can make a recipe dry unlike the WS variants. Can also become harsh at higher dosages. This cooling agent was very common in e-liquids before WS-23 and WS-5 gained their popularity. Features in a number of our recipes and is also in popular recipes such as Red Astaire or Heisenberg.

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