How to Quit Smoking for Good this Time

Looking to quit smoking? This blog post aims to give you all the information and tools you need to successfully quit smoking, for good. So if you’re looking for some inspiration to quit smoking then this article has it all.

With the invention of vaping it’s never been easier to quit smoking. I was a 30 a day smoker with an addictive personality and found it relatively easy to quit smoking, but everybody’s different I guess. You’ve got to want to quit smoking, for starters. Once you’ve mastered that hurdle it’s just about finding the right kit and flavours to suit you.

Don’t beat yourself up if you have the occasional cigarette. You have likely smoked for years so if you don’t manage to quit smoking overnight it’s no big deal. For the first year or so of vaping I was still having a cigarette in the morning. It was the most enjoyable part of smoking for me and I didn’t want to give it up. Eventually I got sick of paying for cigarettes and forced myself to ditch the habit. Basically, if you want to quit smoking, you can. It doesn’t even require great willpower.


When people attempt to quit smoking they think they want a straight tobacco flavour. They usually realise quickly that most e-liquids don’t really mimic the taste of a cigarette very well and with all the crazy blends available today, why would you even want to? I mean, cigarettes don’t taste nice. When was the last time you heard someone say “mmm, that was a delicious cigarette”?

To begin with, if you really want to quit smoking you’ll want something strong in flavour. Cigarettes have destroyed your taste buds. Menthols are often the choice of a noob vaper as they seem to satiate in a way most other e-liquid can’t. Vampire Vape Heisenberg is a firm favourite amongst beginners. As is T-Juice Red Astaire. Flavour Boss Blackcurrant Tunes or Red Erik are also great choices.

To quit smoking you’ll probably want to use nicotine salts – you can find out more about these in the nicotine article here

Vaping Hardware

There’s a lot of choice with hardware and it moves extremely quickly. What was good yesterday is often seen as not so good today, so giving you specific product recommendations could be tricky. Pod systems seem to work well for beginners looking to quit smoking, as they’re simple to use and easy to carry.

Anything labelled an AIO (all in one) kit would be a good place to start also. They should include everything you need apart from e-liquid. There are a lot of these on the market aimed at people looking to quit smoking.

The best advice would be to go to your local vape shop and try out a few different bits of kit and see what suits you best or come down to Flavour Boss HQ in Bolton and see if we’ve got anything you fancy. We will always give you unbiased advice and try to help find the thing that’s right for you even if that means recommending a competitor. Unfortunately, a lot of vape shops can’t say the same.

£30-40 should get you set up with a starter kit and some juice. There’s no point spending crazy money. After all, you may end up sacking it off after a week. Kit moves quickly as I said and with so many styles of hardware, there’s a lot of choice for upgrading when the time comes. There is constantly something new around the corner which is advertised as giving better flavour or longer coil life than the last thing. Often this isn’t the case but regardless, keeping up can be a challenge. Find kit that’s in your budget and go look at what the reviewers say about it on YouTube (if you can’t get down to a shop to test it).

Starter kits are usually focused on affordability and ease of use and are aimed at people looking to quit smoking. If you want the best flavour, you’ll need to look towards rebuildable tanks and drippers. These don’t come ready to use out of the box. They are aimed at more experienced users as there’s a little bit to learn before you would be capable of using them.

When you first quit smoking you’re not going to know what you like or dislike, this is another reason not too spend too much money on vaping kit. Your likes/dislikes with smoking don’t really translate over to vaping. For example; I hated menthol cigarettes or flavoured tobaccos. Neither of these were true when I quit smoking and switched over to vaping. You’re going to have to figure all this out from scratch but for now find a flavour you like and stick with it whilst you get over the hump. The first few days/weeks are going to be the hardest. Persevere.

In the words of Rob Schneider – “YOU CAN DO IT”.

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