Our Top 10 Bestselling Flavours of 2020! Number #5 Surprised Us!

A glimpse into Our Top 10 Bestselling Flavours of 2020.

We have had a whirlwind year and released a whole host of different products and flavours to the market. From our long-anticipated nicotine salts to our game changing Rocket Shots.

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    Here at Flavour Boss HQ, we firmly believe that the beauty of e-liquid is the vast range of flavours available on the market. From menthol, tobaccos, desserts, and fruits to simple and complex flavour profiles – you are well and truly spoilt for choice.

    Each year we go through our range of products and pick out the bestselling flavours, our famous Blackcurrant Tunes is usually near the top of the list and a few others such as pineberry and pink lemonade always make an appearance. But the most exciting part for us is to see our new flavours make the list – it shows us that we are continuously producing great quality products – and it helps to keep our mixologists in a job!

    1. Blackcurrant Tunes

    Cool and refreshing, the perfect fusion of ripe blackcurrants, refreshing mint and sweet eucalyptus.

    Graeme’s Thoughts: The first recipe I ever produced for Flavour Boss, long before I ever worked for them full time. Simplicity and authenticity are what has made this recipe so popular. I had no idea it would be one of our bestselling flavours. Long may it continue.

    You’ll find that the reviews speak for themselves – but if you haven’t given this one a try yet, you’re seriously missing out!

    2. Sugar Lips

    This is one of our OG flavours, and while we can’t take credit for the recipe, we do ensure that the mixing and quality control is top notch. Sugar Lips by Barrie Hetherington is a fusion of sweet strawberries, juicy watermelon and a hint of kiwi, it’s a firm favourite amongst candy lovers and continuously makes our bestselling flavours list.

    The reviews will tell you it’s a real coil killer, and some find it a bit too sweet for their taste buds, but the vast majority of you vape this by the gallon – and we don’t blame you!

    Graeme’s Thoughts: Not a recipe of mine. Not one I’ve ever enjoyed either but our customers sure do. It remains in our top five sellers year upon year.

    3. Pink Lemonade

    A deliciously sweet blend of zingy lemonade with the perfect amount of red fruit flavouring to give it an extra boost.

    Graeme’s Thoughts: Another one that is not mine, but I sure have vaped a lot of it. I think this was the first flavour I enjoyed from Flavour Boss back when I was a customer. It’s a strange vape. Relatively complex and yet quite light. Easy to vape, which is I guess where its popularity stems from. I’m not surprised that this one is consistently within our bestselling flavours.

    You’ll be hard-pressed to find a poor review for this one, this sweet favourite is an ADV for many of our customers.

    4. Honeydew Blackcurrant

    We love it when a new flavour makes the list! We introduced this one back in January and it was an instant success! It tops the list for us of our bestselling flavours of 2020 and we can see why – most of our staff are still obsessed with this one 11 months later!

    Graeme’s Thoughts: This is one of those recipes I could just tell would be popular. The sweetness of the honeydew vs. the dark notes of the blackcurrant. Sweet but not too sweet. Refreshing. Again, easy to vape.

    5. Guapple

    Another new flavour makes the top 10 bestselling flavours list! Guapple was released at the same time as Honeydew Blackcurrant and it seems like we underestimated this one!

    The flavour received mixed reviews at Flavour Boss HQ, but it just goes to show how subjective taste can be!

    Graeme’s Thoughts: Guapple is a funny one. Didn’t do especially well in testing. I really wanted a fruit mix that was completely different to anything else we currently offered, so that is what you got.

    6. Pineberry

    Another sweet flavour tops the list, it’s been dubbed a ‘perfect summer vape’ and is the perfect vape for you cold, fruity lovers.

    Graeme’s Thoughts: Another one I could tell was going to be extremely popular and make it into the top 10 bestselling flavours of 2020. Everyone loves strawberry. Overly sweet. Juicy. Fresh. What more could you ask for?

    7. HZN

    Our take on a well-known recipe that some refer to as the daddy of all day vapes – you’ll see the original recipe as one of the bestselling flavours on most lists and we are glad we’ve managed to create something as close to the original as possible!

    Our mint range is growing in popularity amongst our customers with 3 of 5 flavours in this range featuring in the top sellers list!

    Graeme’s Thoughts: This was a tough one. Personally, I can’t stand Heisenberg so this was a labour for me. Took years for us to perfect.

    8. Red Erik

    Another one from our Mint range makes the bestselling flavours list, this flavour has been at the centre of some controversy this year – but it hasn’t affected how popular the flavour is amongst our customer base.

    Red Erik, or ‘Not so Red Erik’ as it has now been dubbed has had a slight recipe change this year.

    Earlier this year we had to change one ingredient in this bestselling recipe. Our supplier for the red concentrate could no longer offer it and as a result of this we had to take the colouring out of Red Erik.

    We experimented with many different variations and went through rigorous testing and blind taste tests before we changed the recipe over. The general consensus was that people could not tell the difference, or it was extremely close to the original flavour as possible. As sad as we are that we had to take the colouring out of one of our much-loved flavours, we are glad that people are enjoying the revamped version.

    Graeme’s Thoughts: Another tough one. Hate Red Astaire. But, along with Heisenberg, it was regularly requested by our customers and we aim to please.

    9. Super Manchee Black Edition

    Our MD Rob’s favourite ADV (Learn more on vaping terminology with our post “Your Guide to Vaping Terminology Explained“) and it looks like most of you love this fruity blend of ripe blackcurrants and tangy lychee.

    Here at Flavour Boss HQ we always find blackcurrant flavours are popular. Probably because blackcurrant is so versatile and can be mixed with a range of different fruits. It’s our third blackcurrant recipe to top the bestsellers list and for good reason – Super Manchee Black edition is our OG Blackcurrant vape.

    Graeme’s Thoughts: One of my favourites. Clearly one of yours too. A similar mix of blackcurrants to the honeydew blackcurrant recipe only with an aromatic tropical punch from a blend of lychees. A rich and flavoursome vape. I don’t even like lychees and yet they feature in two of my favourite recipes. Weird.

    10. Purple Slush

    Everybody loves purple slush and we can see why its on our bestselling flavours of 2020 list – this perfect blend of sweet grapes, juicy berries and tangy boysenberry is a refreshing ice-cold blast.

    Graeme’s Thoughts: Another old recipe created before I worked for Flavour Boss. It has remained popular for years. Complex. Not overly sweet. Seems to split opinion. I’ve heard people liken the flavour to all kinds of peculiar things. Berries and grapes with a hint of cool is what it tastes like to me, unsurprisingly so, considering those are the ingredients in the recipe.

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