Recycling and Disposing of Vape Equipment

We recently wrote a blog post on whether vaping was eco-friendly, it highlights the environmental impact vaping has on the environment vs smoking as well as some handy hints and tips for eco-conscious vaping. You can give it a read here.

This blog post does not focus on the environmental impact of vaping but gives some handy information and tips on how to recycle and dispose of your vape equipment – from hardware and batteries to liquid and bottles, we cover it all.

Recycling your Mod or Vape Pen

Firstly, if it isn’t broken, you could consider putting it up for sale or giving to someone else to make use of. If you are looking to throw it away, it is best to take it to your local household waste recycling centre as it is classed as an electrical device.

Recycling Batteries

Before we start, it is very important that you do not throw your vape battery into your general waste bin! Lithium-ion batteries are harmful to the environment. These types of batteries are prone to explode or leak harmful chemicals – not great for the environment!

Therefore, it is important that any battery is disposed of responsibly – in a battery recycle bin. You often find these in supermarkets or at recycling facilities – you might find them in your local vape shop too.

Recycling Coils

If you’ve been able to remove the coil from the tank, you’re mainly dealing with a metal part, however, the non-recyclable cotton or wicking has to be removed before you can add  this item to your household recycling bin.

To do this, simply remove any e-liquid and nicotine residue and pull apart the coil to remove the cotton or wicking inside.

Recycling Tanks

Most tanks are made of plastic, as long as you have removed your coil and given them a rinse you can put them in your plastic waste bin.

Recycling Pods

Disposable pods (Juuls for example) are not the best way to vape, and they are certainly not eco-friendly. They are not particularly popular within the UK, but they are beginning to gain popularity with brands such as Dinner Lady entering the market.

These little devices are heavy on plastic and heavy on your wallet. Generally, they are not considered recyclable – but if you are willing to do a bit of extra work, they can be.

They need to be dismantled, the none plastic waste needs removing, and they then need washing, once you have done this you can recycle in the same way you would recycle plastic bottles.

Recycling E-liquid Bottles

Recycling e-liquid bottles is quick and easy, empty our any juice, give them a quick rinse and pop them into your recycling bin. All of our e-liquid bottles, nicotine bottles and mixing supplies such as VG and PG are PET and fully recyclable.

So, there you have it, recycling your vape equipment is simple, easy and protects the environment – it’s a win win situation.

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