The Effective Use of Sweetener in e-liquid

Here I’m going to outline the sweetener we use in e-liquid. This is aimed at beginners/intermediate mixers but there may be information useful to advanced mixers also. Sweetener plays a key role in a recipes texture/taste so choosing the right one can make or break a recipe.

I see a lot of mixers look down their nose at people who use sweeteners in e-liquid recipes, which I find a bit odd. Almost everything we eat or drink contains some form of sugar or sweetener. We love it.

A lot of concentrates contain their own form of sweetener – vanillin, maltol, even sucralose. So the level of sweetener you need is dictated by the concentrates you are putting it on top off. For example, 1% super sweet in an orange recipe is probably about right, however that same level in a custard recipe will probably make your teeth fall out.

E-liquid, on the whole, seems to be getting sweeter and sweeter. With the rise in popularity of Malaysian e-liquid like Nasty juice or Horny flava, comes an appetite for heavily sweetened juices from the consumer. Where this will end I don’t know but I’m sure coil manufacturers are rubbing their hands at the thoughts.

TFA Sweetener in e-liquid

Best used between 1-4%

Made up of 5% Sucralose and 5% Maltol powder

Tends to be better suited to dessert recipes or recipes that don’t require a lot of sweetening.

Capella Super Sweet Sweetener

Best used between 0.25-2%

Made up of 20% sucralose powder

I guess you’d call this the industry standard sweetener. A strong sweetener that has a funky diet coke sort of chemical sweetener taste when used too high. 0.5% can really brighten up fruit recipes and add a wetness to the texture of some. I don’t tend to use this over 1%.

Stevia (5%)

Best used between 1-4%

Made up of 5% stevia powder

A relatively week sweetener used in e-liquid that is supposedly kinder on coils. A lot of people report that it has a funky taste. Personally, I really like it and use it regularly in conjunction with Capella super sweet to hide super sweets funky chemical taste.

Tfa Marshmallow

Best used between 1-4%

Made up of vanillin, maltol, Acetoin, water and a bunch of other stuff I’ve never heard of.

Adds a thickness as well as sweetens. Better suited to dessert recipes or recipes that don’t require a lot of sweetness. Not strictly speaking suitable for vaping due to the acetoin but at the percentages required, I wouldn’t personally worry about it. I’ve left out Capella and Flavour Art Marshmallow in this little guide as they are much more a flavour than a sweetener.

TFA Cotton Candy

Best used between 0.5-2%

Made up of 10% ethyl maltol crystals

Not strictly speaking a sweetener as if you taste a drop of it its quite bitter but fools your palate when used in e-liquid. Use too much and it will mute flavours. Can be useful in this way to compress high or harsh notes. Has a sort of boiled sweet type flavour. I find it useful in citrus recipes to maintain a balance of sweet and tart. 1% is usually enough.

Flavorah Sweetness Sweetener

Best used between 0.25-3%

No idea what it’s a blend of. Suspect it’s Stevia and sucralose.

A very good sweetener all round. Kinder on the coils. Strong but no funky aftertaste, in fact very little taste at all aside from sweetness.

Flavour Boss Sweet Spot Sweetener

Best used between 0.5%-2%

Made up of magic and pixie dust.

My favourite sweetener used in e-liquid. Tastes the most like sugar to me with no horrible aftertastes. Very nearly as potent as super sweet. Slightly kinder on coils. Suitable for dessert or fruit recipes. Mostly use this between 0.5-1.5%.

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