Your Guide to avoiding a dry hit when vaping.

We’ve all been there, we pick up our e-cig, take a big inhale and instead of the sweet taste of vape goodness we’re left coughing up our guts from the flames of satan, to make things worse, the coil is a goner too – that my friends, is what we call a dry hit vape. Luckily, we’ve got few tips and tricks to help you avoid a dry hit vape, most of them are pretty simple, once you see them you’ll be wondering how you didn’t think of that in... Read More


Quit Smoking: Why it’s Time to Ditch the Cigarettes

Everybody knows that smoking is bad for your health, yet millions of people light up a cigarette each day. We know that smoking can cause lung cancer, but did you know that it can also affect every organ in your body? Smoking – the facts The NHS report that smoking harms nearly every organ in your body from your lungs, stomach, heart and throat to your skin, bones and brain. In fact, smoking is the biggest cause of preventable deaths in England, accounting for nearly 80,000 deaths each year. One... Read More


Vape Trends: The rise of MTL vaping

In the beginning there was only MTL vaping. This makes sense as it was invented to emulate smoking and nobody direct lungs a cigarette. You’d be staring down the business end of a sore throat with the potential for some serious projectile vomit if you tried to DTL a cigarette. In the early days of my vaping journey MTL vaping was the only option. The highest amount of power available from a regulated device was 15 watts from the vamo (old skool). As more power became available, more airflow was... Read More


Common Vaping Problems

The folks at Flavour Boss HQ are regularly problem solving for people over the phone so I thought it would be a good idea to highlight some common vaping problems and fixes down here. Vaping has so many different variables, it’s unreal. Different flavours, consistencies of juice, DTL Hardware, MTL Hardware, stock coils, rebuildables, pods… There’s a lot of choice. With that comes a lot of potential issues because things are not always designed to work with each other. E-cig isn’t Working Is your device not firing? Are the lights... Read More


Vaping in Pop Culture in rarely represented.

Vaping in Pop Culture is rarely represented. Aside from bogus news stories, it’s quite rare to see people vaping in films or on TV, which is weird when you consider how many vapers there are across the globe. Here’s our list of top ten celebrities who are representing vaping in pop culture. Leonardo Dicaprio Leonardo DiCaprio: One of the most famous actors in the world, Leo is the king of vaping in pop culture. Known for films such as The Titanic, Wolf of Wall Street, Inception and Gangs of New... Read More


Which Nicotine Level is Right for me?

Selecting the right nicotine strength varies from smoker to smoker, if you are new to vaping it is important that you find the right strength for you. This is particularly important if you are still craving those pesky cigarettes! Below is a general guide that will give you a good starting point. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different nicotine levels to ensure you are starting out on the level for you. As a rule of thumb, the fewer cigarettes you smoke, the lower the nicotine strength you will need.... Read More


The Difference between MTL and DL Devices

This blog highlights the differences between MTL and DL devices. When you vape for the first time, the way that you inhale makes a huge difference, if you inhale incorrectly it could lead to coughing or a rush of nicotine. If you are new to vaping, you may not be aware that there are two different types of devices. While both do the same job, each is used in a different way. Mouth-to-lung MTL devices work best with smaller e-cigs that have a high resistance coil, these types of devices... Read More


Graeme’s Guide to Vaping Trends of Old and New.

In this blog we’ll take a little look at vaping trends of old and new. Vapers are a fickle bunch. Moving from vaping trend to vaping trend at the drop of a hat. We seem to be particularly susceptible to trends. Probably due to many of us sharing the shinyitus affliction – see more on that here. Some may say vaping is just a fad in itself although I think the numbers would probably dispute that. It’s been going a good 12-14 years now with many millions of people across... Read More


Vapers Tongue: What is it and how do get rid of it?

Vapers Tongue is the term used for a sudden loss of flavour from your e-liquids. It occurs when your taste buds become fatigued from over exposure to (usually) one e-liquid flavour, causing a temporary loss of flavour sensation. It can be a nightmare, especially if you’ve never come across this problem before. You could be forgiven for thinking your taste buds have gone blind. MY EYES!!! Wait… MY TONGUES EYES!!!! But don’t worry, there are ways to get your taste buds back and to stop vapers tongue from ever rearing... Read More


Misinformation in Vaping: The Chemicals in E-liquid

Don’t believe everything you read online or in the media. In this post you will learn the chemicals in e-liquid and why not all of them are as bad as you’re led to believe. Misinformation in vaping is a common thing, especially when it comes to the Chemicals in E-liquid. Usually its negative misinformation like “vaping will give you popcorn lung” (more on that bollocks here) or “people are dying from vaping”, when it turns out people are actually dying from vaping Pods filled with goodness knows what they bought... Read More