Tastes are subjective

Tastes are subjective. I know it wouldn’t do if we were all the same but if we were all just a little bit more similar, my job would be a lot easier.

Hardly a day goes by when I don’t see someone saying something weird about one of the recipes.

“This juice tastes like that juice”

No, no it doesn’t.

“This juice tastes hot”


“This juice tastes like ham”

No meat products were used in any of the recipes….

It can be difficult watching people pick apart your life’s work at times, but I guess it comes with the territory. We are governed by our taste buds and ultimately what tastes one way to me may not taste the same way to you, which sucks frankly. But vaping is about finding what works for you. What flavours, what kit… And one mans trash is another mans treasure. We try to cater for everybody’s tastes here at Boss Shot LTD, which is no mean feat at times. Especially when I like a specific style of juice but I’m conscious that some others may not. How do you make a recipe that’s good, when you don’t like it yourself? Like, when do you know you’ve finished it? How do you know it’s good? It’s not easy, let me tell ya.

Part of me thinks taste isn’t subjective at all, it’s that some people are right and others are wrong. If 3 people think that Rocket Girl tastes like baked beans and 9000 other people think that it tastes like what it’s described as, the chances are those 3 people are just straight up wrong. Their taste buds have led a deprived life of pot noodles and monster munch (other products are available) and as such, their opinions are invalid. They should be stricken from the record. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion? Not on my watch. You should be made to answer a questionnaire about your dietary habits before your opinion can be counted. I joke of course, but there’s a little nugget of truth in there too.

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