The Lowdown on Vampire Vape Heisenberg

Years ago I vaped Vampire Vapes Heisenberg for pretty much 12 months. There’s something about it that seems to really help people stay off cigarettes and I must have really enjoyed it to vape it for a year as I can rarely vape any juice for more than a few weeks without the onset of boredom. Now Heisenberg tastes like a mixture of mouth wash and pencil sharpening’s to me. Absolutely cannot stand it but you, the public, must love it as Heisenberg continues to go from strength to strength.

Described by Vampire Vape themselves as “A top secret recipe that can only be described as the daddy of all day vapes. A fruity undertone and a cool crystal after sensation that will leave you wondering what it is… and wanting more”.

It was apparently created as a limited addition for Vapefest 2014 along with Pinkman. It’s hard to believe its only been around that long as it seems like its as old as vaping itself.

What does Heisenberg taste of?

To me, I get bubble gum, grape, anise and maybe a bit of apple over a fairly strong menthol/koolada base. It’s not overly sweet so tends to be great on coils.

Why no Flavour Boss Version of Heisenberg?

Couple of reasons:

  • I don’t like it.
  • I’ve no idea what’s in it.
  • When cloning a juice as popular as this it needs to be pretty bloody spectacular to compete.

But who is to say what will happen in the future…?

Help for cloners

If I was to try and clone Heisenberg it I’d probably start with Inawera grape and Sasami blue alien. They seem to fit the bill. There’s every chance they are using some small flavour companies’ proprietary flavours and the public will never get their hands on anything similar but that’s a great place to start. I’ve tried tons of clones from flavour companies that have used spectral analysis to create their version of Heisenberg and they are still miles away from the original. I personally feel like it should be left uncloned (not a word, I know). Heisenberg is relatively cheap so there really isn’t much need. Of course, from Flavour Bosses point of view, we’d love a version of Heisenberg to be able to sell as a Boss Shot. I’d just rather not have to vape 3 Litres of it to figure one out.

Updated 08/01/2020

Well we finally did it. Our most requested recipe to date and I think we nailed it. So far it’s been a big hit. Months of painstaking trial and error brought us to this –

The things I do for you lot!

I only wanted to release this style of recipe if it was either extremely close or better than the original and I think we have succeeded. I’ll let you decide which you think it is.

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