Why Is It So Hard to Make Vanilla Flavour E-liquid?

Vanilla flavour e-liquid seems to be a hard thing for flavour companies to get right. I am one of a large percentage of vapers that get a nasty taste from a lot of the most popular vanilla flavour e-liquids. It tastes like somebody fed uncle Andrews prize bulldog Rosie, a bucket of pepper corns. Rosie shat that out and some scientists came along and tried to synthesize that flavour. Mmmm peppery chemical dog excrement, yum yum… Seconds please Mum…

I don’t know what constituent chemicals these companies are using to create vanilla flavour e-liquids, but they need to change it up. If any of these companies have happened upon this article, please take heed – It’s great to draw inspiration from nature when creating flavours but please steer clear of the dog’s rectum….

The most common vanilla flavour for this are:

TFA Vanilla bean Ice cream

Capella Vanilla custard V1

TFA Vanilla Custard

TFA French Vanilla

There are many, but these are the main culprits you should avoid if you suffer from the same ailment as me. Used in smaller amounts and well steeped, they don’t necessarily exhibit this dirty flavour but for whatever reason people like to stuff their e-liquid full of this peppery turd. Cap Vanilla Custard V1 is a prime example. Used excessively in so many recipes. I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve bought a premium juice or been given some homebrew chocked full of it, to my utmost disappointment. Search ELR for custard recipes and you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that doesn’t contain excessive amounts of one of the above, so I appreciate there are plenty of people that do like to vape peppery chemical dog shit, but not me, no sir, not today thank you.

Here’s a list of some far better vanilla flavour e-liquid alternatives with no peppery dog turd nuances:

Flavorah Vanilla Custard

Flavour Art Custard Premium

Capella Vanilla bean Ice cream

TFA Vanilla Swirl

DIYFS Holy Vanilla

Flavorah Vanilla Pudding

Updated 08/01/2020

I’ve recently learnt that this pepper style flavour effects different people in different ways. Some get it from flavours I don’t get it from and vice versa. Up until this point I’d only really heard of people getting this off note from the flavours I listed above but it seems some people have an aversion to all vanilla flavour e-liquid. Weird. Taste buds are strange. Everything’s opinion based and there’s no science to say who’s wrong or right. It seems those plagued by this odd affliction are doomed to a life of trial and error where vanilla flavours are concerned.

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