Vape Trends: The rise of MTL vaping

In the beginning there was only MTL vaping. This makes sense as it was invented to emulate smoking and nobody direct lungs a cigarette. You’d be staring down the business end of a sore throat with the potential for some serious projectile vomit if you tried to DTL a cigarette.

In the early days of my vaping journey MTL vaping was the only option. The highest amount of power available from a regulated device was 15 watts from the vamo (old skool). As more power became available, more airflow was needed and DTL vaping became more and more common. What seemed to happen between 2012 and 2017 was a race to higher powered devices by the manufacturers, leaving MTL devices to fall by the wayside.

Every new device that came out had more power than the last. Every sub-ohm tank and coil could handle more and more watts and had larger airflow. A perfect example of this would be Smoks line-up of TFV sub-ohm tanks. The TFV-4 being able to handle a reported 140w and the TFV8 being able to handle 180w.

Sigelei released the Snow Wolf 365 in 2017. An incredibly large 4 battery regulated mod capable of 365 watts of power. From there, how much further could they push it? And why would you want to?

Eventually of course, it inevitably plateaued and MTL vaping started to pick up again. There are limitations that cannot be circumvented. A single 18650 battery is only capable of around 80 watts no matter what trickery you throw at it. Coils are limited by how quickly they can absorb liquid. As a side point also – who vapes at 200w or over? Not many people, that’s for sure.

So how would E-cigarette Hardware companies get us to part with our money if the new devices they release don’t differ from their previous counterparts?

Enter Nicotine Salts

When Nic salts began to gain popularity in 2018 it birthed a new style of vaping or rather awoke the original style of MTL vaping again. With manufacturers beginning to focus heavily on MTL vaping or restricted DTL type devices. Vaping is very heavily led by trends/fashion. Fashion is cyclical. It revolves (my fingers are crossed for perms and shoulder pads next).

Flash forward to 2020 and we are beginning to see larger pod or all in one style devices that are capable of larger amounts of power – perfect for both MTL vaping and DL vaping. Not dissimilar to where we were in 2015. We are essentially just going round and round in circles, led by manufacturers, and paying for the privilege.

Newer all in one devices are particularly good at helping people to stop smoking. MTL vaping allows for higher dosages of nicotine with a delivery system more akin to a cigarette.

Easily accessible and easy to use. This is great news for smokers wishing to quit. When I first started vaping you had to really want to quit smoking. Starter kits were terrible. Proper devices required some serious research and trial and error. I remember spending weeks learning how to wick my Aga-T tank which used rolled up mesh strips as wicking material. You had to add a layer of carbon to the mesh by burning it or it would short against the coil/tank. Those days are gone thankfully.  

The MTL vaping continues to grow in popularity. Whilst it doesn’t personally do it for me, what is important is that it keeps people off cigarettes, and long may it continue.

Fore more information on the differences between MTL vaping and DL Vaping click here.

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