Your Guide to Rocket Shots

Earlier this year we introduced a game changing product to our growing list of offerings – Rocket Shots. Primarily aimed at the MTL market, this product aims to introduce MTL vapers to the DIY market.

Since launching we have seen a massive uptake, but we have also found that some customers are struggling with the concept – this blog post outlines exactly what a Rocket Shot is, how it is different to a Boss Shot and why you should consider adding one or two to your basket next time you order!

What is a Rocket Shot?

Ever bought a shortfill or flavour concentrate and wished it came as a Boss Shot? The beauty of a Rocket Shot is that you can create your own custom Boss Shot without being confined to Flavour Boss flavours. That’s right, you can choose from over 100 different flavours from top brands such as Naked 100, Vampire Vape, Fizzy, Horny Flava and Pukka Juice!

A Rocket Shot is a 150ml bottle of vegetable Glycerine with enough space left over for nicotine shots and your choice of one-shot flavourings.

They come in two variations – 3mg freebase nicotine and 10mg salt nicotine. Both variations make 150ml of finished e-liquid.

The Beauty of Rocket Shots

With this product, we’ve tried to revolutionise MTL vaping. We love the DIY vaping scene, but we find it is more tailored to DTL vapers and MTL vapers are left by the wayside. Often MTL vapers are forced to pay extortionate prices for small amounts of e-liquid and as a business dedicated to providing top quality juice at cost effective and affordable prices, it just doesn’t sit right with us.

That’s how the Rocket Shot was born. Our 10mg salt nicotine range is perfect for MTL vapers and we hope to introduce more strengths in the new year.

Instead of paying upwards of £12 for a Vampire Vape Heisenberg 50ml Shortfill, you can create 150ml of e-liquid for £11.99! Our aim when launching Rocket Shots was to make it as easy and cost effective as possible for you to create a larger volume of e-liquid.

How is a Rocket Shot different to a Boss Shot?

With a Boss Shot the concentrate is included and you top it up with VG/PG and nicotine, with a Rocket shot we provide the VG and you top it up with the flavour concentrate and nicotine. The main difference is that you have a choice of which brand liquid you would like to put into your rocket shot.

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